This is Mikke Selander

Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, Go-getter, Obsessed 24/8

As a seasoned tech executive and entrepreneur, I’ve dedicated the last 17 years to mastering the art of growth – turning stagnation into expansion, and potential into prosperity. I believe that growth is not just a target but a necessity for individuals and companies alike. The absence of growth isn’t just standing still; it’s the onset of decline.

My journey through the realms of Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship has been challenging, enlightening, and ultimately rewarding. I’ve lived through the grit of real-world business battles, emerging with insights and strategies that only hands-on experience can teach.

From 2014 to 2022, I spearheaded the transformation of a traditional on-premise tech enterprise into a thriving modern SaaS entity. Achieving a staggering 410% growth without the crutch of venture capital, we navigated the delicate process of scaling while maintaining profitability.

In 2022, I launched ZAZY Marketing, a consultancy focused on amplifying growth for Nordic companies through precision-targeted marketing strategies and paid social advertising funnels.

The following year, I founded, a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to revolutionize customer engagement through sales quote creation and automated customer surveys that drive actionable insights, reduce churn, and boost referrals.

My mission now is to impart the wisdom gleaned from my tenure as a tech CEO. I aim to catalyze the growth of others because settling for the status quo, to me, is not an option.

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Mikke is a hard working and exceptional service-minded person with a mindset that will evolve any company in the right direction– a true entrepreneur.

Fredrik Karlsson

Mikke is a person who has a fantastic energy and dedication to his work. His ability to keep so many tasks going at once without losing track of anything is what impressed me most. From the moment he walked in the door in the morning to when he left at night it was full steam ahead while always being nice to his colleagues and fun to be around.

Henrik Bengtsson
Sales Rep / Brandt

Mikke is an extremely driven and multi knowledge person, who creates synergies between technical know how and business.He is perfect for high growth organisation and I give Mikke my warmest recommendations.

Christofer Skoogh
Head of Sales / Ancon

Mikke is very passionated and dedicated to his tasks, he’s also full of energy and has a high level of creativity. Mikke is very professional and good at time management, he’d always delivered requests before deadline. I warmly recommend Mikke and I hope we get to work together again in the future.

Jessica Frendberg

Amazing fast learner! Troubleshooting skills and keeping track of cases i admirable. Good at taking initiative and always trying to improve service and productivity. Easy to get along with, and a collegue that you can count on “when the going gets though”.

Robert Thunell
System Specialist / Länsstyrelsen

We had a meeting to plan a project I was interested in, and hewas very professional, asked the right questions and put wordsand colors on my vision. I was very impressed with how he led usin the right direction for finding the product that we needed.

Linda Svensson